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LANTANA 3.25" (18 per tray) (14.7 fl oz)


Lantana Athens Rose

 Lantana Lucky Flame

 Lantana Lucky Lemon Glow

 Lantana Lucky Pot o'Gold

 Lantana Lucky Red

 Lantana Lucky Rose Sunrise

 Lantana Lucky White

 Lantana Lucky Yellow

Lantana New Gold

 Lantana Trailing Purple

Lantana Trailing White

Spacing: 12-14″

Height: 12-14″

Exposure: full sun

Blooming season: spring through fall

Uses: beds, containers, baskets, just about anywhere hot and sunny Characteristics: attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, deer- resistant, drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant.


Lucky series – Lucky lantanas are top-notch performers in our southern heat and humidity. Lucky lantanas are more compact and a heavier bloomer than many of the older varieties, with a neater habit. One of the reasons for such exceptional performance is that they set few seeds, which means they have far fewer berries, and therefore keep their minds on putting out flowers. Do not plant near grazing livestock. Foliage can cause dermatitis in some individuals, BERRIES TOXIC.


Little Lucky varieties are even more compact than Luckys- height may be as low as 6-8″, which is handy for smaller containers.

Installation and Replacement for $10 more per Tray? -YES / NO - (YOU PAY THE INSTALLATION AFTER WE DO IT)

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