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COLEUS 3.25" (18 per tray) (14.7 fl oz)



Coleus Alabama Sunset 

Coleus Campfire (orange) 

Coleus Gay's Delight 

Coleus Glennis 

Coleus Gold Lace 

Coleus Redhead 

Coleus Wasabi 

Cuban Oregano

Blooming season: grown primarily for their foliage

Plant habit: most are fairly upright, though Burgundy Trailing is a much lower, spreading habit.

Characteristics: colorful attractive foliage

Spacing: 12″ for small varieties; you can give the big ones more room (15″+) to ensure adequate ventilation and stem strength but we know that some customers prefer closer spacing

Height: except for Trailing Burgundy, Chaotic Rose and maybe Lava Rose, which will stay shorter, coleus can get pretty big- up to 2 1/2-3′ for Alabama Sunset, Gay’s Delight, Redhead and Mariposa.

Exposure: sun to pt. shade, depending on variety and availability of water.

Uses: beds, landscapes, mixed containers, 55 mph drive-by beds, just about anywhere.

Installation and Replacement for $10 more per Tray? - YES / NO -( YOU PAY THE INSTALLATION AFTER WE DO IT)

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