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CALADIUMS 4"R (10 per tray) (16.9 fl oz)


Caladium Aaron (sun/white) 

Caladium Carolyn Whorton (sun/pink)

Caladium Cherry Tart (sun/red w/grn border) 

Caladium Florida Sweetheart (sun/red) 

Caladium Miss Muffet (sun/speckled) 

Caladium Red Flash (sun/red) 

Caladium Tapestry (sun/white/grn w/red vein) 

Caladium White Christmas (shade only) 

Caladium White Queen (sun/red veins)

Caladium White Wing (dwf)

Spacing: 12-18″

Height: 12-24″- depending on variety

Exposure: full sun to shade


Caladiums are grown for their coarse texture and colorful foliage. They will all do well in shade and several varieties will tolerate full sun. They are fairly low-maintenance with adequate water. Culture note: do NOT overfeed caladiums or they will develop holes in the leaves that look like sunburn. The one thing that caladiums do NOT tolerate is cool weather, and if they are planted too early in the season they may be seriously stunted.

Installation and Replacement for $10 more per Tray?

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