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EnviroColor for pinestraw


Will EnviroColor harm my plants?

No. EnviroColor's water-based formula is completely safe and free from harsh chemicals that could damage your plants, trees or shrubs. By simply spraying your existing plants with fresh water prior to applying EnviroColor you'll be certain the color only adheres to surfaces you want to have rich, long lasting color.

Is EnviroColor paint?

No. EnviroColor is completely natural and contains no paint whatsoever. Our proprietary blends of Carbon and Iron Oxide are what provide the long lasting colors that help protect your existing or new mulch or pine straw.

Is EnviroColor safe for my pets?

Yes. EnviroColor has no harmful ingredients to pets or any other wildlife

How does EnviroColor work?

The all natural iron oxide and carbon solution envelope your mulch forming a barrier of long lasting protection from the damaging effects of UV light from the sun and the shields against damage from rain and other environmental hazards that destroy the color of your mulch.

How do I prepare my existing mulch for EnviroColor?

Preparing your pine straw or mulch for EnviroColor is a matter of simply clearing the area of any debris that doesn't belong such as pine cones, sticks and leaves.EnviroColor works very well with existing mulch and pine straw however you'll need to be certain that you have an existing base of material before you start. We recommend at least a 2 inch depth of pine straw or mulch.

How do I protect my driveway, walkways and other elements from staining?

EnviroColor only adheres to dry, solid surfaces. In order to prevent unwanted color adhesion simply spray driveways, walkways, down spouts, statues, masonry, fences and any other surface you want to remain free of color with water prior to applying EnviroColor. Any overspray can then be easily rinsed without unwanted color adhesion.

Is EnviroColor safe for the environment?

Yes. EnviroColor is non-toxic, nonflammable and water-based. There is nothing in our products that are harmful to the environment in any way. In fact, by using EnviroColor instead of replacing faded mulch you'll be saving precious natural resources used in the production and transporting of mulch products and that is something to feel good about.

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