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Benefits of Using Bermuda Sod

There are dozens of different types of sod available on the market, but Bermuda sod is one of the most popular choices for a lush lawn. Used extensively in golf courses and sporting fields, Bermuda sod has a very traditional look that can withstand a range of weather conditions. This makes it especially practical in warmer climates or those destinations that endure long, hot and dry summers. A few more advantages of Bermuda sod include the following:


Grows quickly

Low to medium cost

Damage is repaired quickly

Durable and resilient

Suitable for cold winters as well as hot summers


In addition, Bermuda grass tends to turn brown when the temperatures dip in the autumn, and it can also turn brown when in a completely shaded area.

Brown grass will stay dormant until temperatures rise again, which is when the grass will once again turn green and lush after watering.


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